Tilda Brown Swanson Glass

New Work

Tilda Brown Swanson is in the studio creating a new Biospheres series using very finely powdered glass and stencils on opaque and transparent glasses for the first time. The work is inspired by travels this past year and our delicately balanced global climate.

Four Seasons I © 2019; Fused Glass in Steel; 9.5” X 9” X 3”
Round Leaf with Sea in Blue © 2019; Fused Glass in Steel; 9.25” X 12.5” X 3”

Brown Swanson fires layers of powdered glass five to seven times creating intricate depth in each piece.

Brown Swanson is creating larger work based on the trial pieces for a new series of biospheres: worlds within leaves and landscapes, to be available later in 2019. To see more work in progress from this series, click on the Biospheres tab in the left hand side menu.

Glass in the Garden

Heliconia Abstract © 2017; Fused Glass 13 x 17 x 2"

In 2017, these Glass in the Garden pieces were shown in the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. Please select the Glass in the Garden tab on the left hand side menu to see more from that series.

Poppy © 2017; Fused Glass 9 x 12 x 3"

Tilda Brown Swanson was one of six artists asked to create concept art showing her vision of glass art in the future Des Moines Children’s Museum. Her poster, done collaboratively with Slingshot Architecture, is on display at the Museum’s temporary interactive exhibit location in Valley West Mall in West Des Moines, Iowa.

The exhibit is open during Museum hours.

Please see https://dsmchildrensmuseum.com/

More glass from Tilda Brown Swanson is also available at Octagon Gallery in Ames, Iowa. Visit https://octagonarts.org/shop