About the Artist

Artist’s Statement


I layer flat glass, powdered glass and sometimes copper to explore lighting and moments of beauty I see in the natural world. I heat my layered glass work many times, adding glass each time, to build the imagery, color and depth of a piece. My resulting flat glass pieces are up to a half inch thick.

Glass is perfect for my landscapes and botanical images because it offers deep color, transparency and visible layers through the work. I often repeat the same scene in different lighting, at various times of day or in different seasons to fully explore the various moods and changing light from a single viewpoint.

I have been working in glass for 30 years. Building on my two year apprenticeship with glass artist Narciso Quagliata and at the Pilchuck Glass School, I began fusing glass in 1994. My work and commissions are in private and corporate collections in the US, UK and Gibraltar.



Contact Details

Tilda Brown Swanson
Des Moines, Iowa
Email: [email protected]