About the Artist

Artist’s Statement

I love catching a glimpse of light outside at a moment of beauty. I try to capture that moment in the difficult medium of glass. Glass is perfect for the image because it offers deep, often transparent color. It is also liquid when hot and so it offers the wonderful fluidity found in nature in a way that other artistic mediums do not.

To accomplish color density and shading, I layer flat and powdered glass and sometimes copper to explore complex lighting, reflection and moments of beauty in the natural world. I heat my layered glass work many times, adding glass each time, to build the imagery, color and depth of a piece. My flat glass images often repeat the same scene in different lighting, at various times of day or in different seasons to fully explore the various moods and changing light from the same viewpoint. Places remain constant, but our ways of seeing them change.

I have been working in glass for over 20 years. Building on my two year apprenticeship with the Italian glass master Narciso Quagliata and at the Pilchuck Glass School, I began fusing glass in 1994. It’s a joy to have solo shows for each new series and to have been part of over 20 group shows. I have shown my work in art galleries in the US and UK.   I love working regularly with local elementary school kids to teach about glass, light and color.  My work and commissions are in private collections in the US, UK and Gibraltar, as well as corporate collections in Iowa.

My work is always about light.




Contact Details

Tilda Brown Swanson
Des Moines, Iowa
Email: [email protected]