Iowa Farms and Lake Superior Series

Exhibition Dates: March 15 – April 18, 2010

Two series of glass “paintings” formed my solo show at Zanzibar’s in 2010. The first Lake Superior in Winter is a set of abstract landscapes inspired by a week-long stay in the middle of winter on the northern shore of Lake Superior. Awakened one late night which became early morning, I wandered into the living room of the old family cabin and was overwhelmed by the view. For hours I sat with amazed at the beauty of the glowing sea of Lake Superior, framed by shadowy snow and the ever changing night-to-dawn sky. I started with a set of watercolors of the scene and created the pieces in glass in 2010.

The second series depicting Iowa Farms, is also inspired by traveling. When my family and I visited northeastern Iowa for the first time, I slowed our driving down considerably by asking to take photos of farms along the way. Some of my photos were shot from the car while moving, hence the “straight on” farms in glass, inspired by seeing rows of corn and soybeans checker past. Others are inspired by barn buildings, often dwarfed by the fields of ever changing colors.

Fusing glass is much like painting in water colors. I design an image and then build it up with layers of primarily transparent glass. I fuse each piece anywhere from four to eight times to build the color and imagery. I work primarily in landscapes, seeking to capture the lighting and beauty in the natural scenes around us. One of the reasons I love to work in glass is that an image can look different based on one’s view point and the amount of light behind the work. As one moves, the image and light within the work changes, bringing new beauty and inspiration to the viewer.